And all the other indulgences from the Land Down Under…

Since living in London, I’ve been constantly enthralled at the fast paced, evolving and forward thinking city. Whether it be fashion, food and drinks, there is always something exciting just around the corner begging to be pictured, filtered, hash tagged and posted with a smug caption like, “Only in London #LoveMyCity #LondonIsTheBest #MissMyAustralianFraaaaands.”

However, I’ve noticed over the past couple of years that the tables have turned. According to my social feed, my fellow Antipodean’s have been creating some out-of-this-world goodies that are not only tasty and Instagram worthy but, at this point in time, only available back home (yes, we know this is a massive fuck you to the world who have always said we were behind the times).  First, it was Freak Shakes which have only JUST come to our shores but as you can see from the list below, we still have quite a bit we lust after….



I’m in love with the doh doh…. Doughnut Time are taking over the country one devilishly good doughy ball of heaven at a time. And the menu…. OH THE MENU!!! Whether you’re the more traditional kind of guy or gal with the original Love at First Bite – Nutella filled doughnut dusted off with cinnamon or the type of person who wants it all with the Ferrero No Share – Dark chocolate glaze, roasted hazelnuts and of course a Ferro Rocher; there’s something for everyone.


Doghnut Time



Eat your heart out Mr Whippy, Mister Fitz really does have the finest ice cream on the block. And no, they do not serve just your mere standard soft serve or ice cream sandwich. Mister Fitz is a traditional ice cream parlour specialising in hand-made, original recipe ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. What can only be described as the holy grail of all things good in ths world, you get to select the cookie, then the ice cream and THEN the toppings. End result? Just see for yourself…


Mister Fitz's


It seems that burgers have been in the spotlight for quite some time and now it’s time for a change. And that change comes in in the form of the long and juice snag. Yep, the boys from The Snag Society are taking over festivals and events to spread the gospel word of gourmet hot dogs. These are not your average hot dogs either. Using fresh ingredients, each hot dog is inspired by places around the globe; from The Aussie – Beef Snag topped with Sweet Beetroot relish, Creamy Goats Cheese and Pickles on a Soft Brioche Bun; to The Spaniard – Spicy Chorizo Snag topped with Cheddar Cheese and Chunky Salsa on a Soft Brioche Bun. And yes, even The Brits have their own culinary option: Beef sausage topped with Creamy mash and Oozy gravy on a Soft Brioche Bun.


The Snag Society

Love Montana (forgetting the summer bod) xx