48 Hours in Stockholm

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When one thinks of Sweden, pretty much these things come to mind…

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Wait, go back to Alexander Skarsgård….

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So when a Swedish friend of mine offered to act as hostess and show me around her city, you can understand why I booked a ticket quicker than you can say The Skarsgård Brothers.

Landing late on Friday evening, my trip didn’t really begin until Saturday (FYI peeps, Skavsta airport is a 1.5 hour coach away from Stockholm city centre. DO NOT BE LURED IN BY A CERTAIN IRISH AIRLINE’S CHEAP FLIGHTS).

As I was saying, Saturday began with a leisurely walk around Norrmalmstorg, Biblioteksgatan and Birger Jarlsgatan. This is one for the shopaholics as these areas are prime spots to get some new threads. Of course we looked in the ACNE flagship store, COS and Another Stories which are all Swedish brands and the experience left me with a sense of genrally wishing I had more money.

At lunch time we jumped on the metro to the area of Nytorget where we kicked our feet up at Urban Deli which is an incredible spot that combines a grocery store, hall market, restaurant and bakery all into one. We had the Ostronmix – 6 mix fresh oysters of the day with lemon, hot sauce and lökvinaigrette (aka shallot vinegar) and sipped on champagne.

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By now, it was time to go to my friend’s place for a couple of cheeky pre drinks before heading out for the evening. Massive FYI: shops that sell alcohol are closed after 3pm on a Saturday. Did you hear me? You cannot buy alcohol after 3pm. AT ALL. So make sure you stock up early. After sipping on some more champers and white wine like the classy ladies we are, it was time to hit the town and really get to know Stockholm.
Our first stop was the Day Session Trädgården. Yes everyone, it’s still day time and only 5.30pm. There’s really no place like Trädgården in any city I’ve ever been to. It’s a permanent space that has a pop up vibe located underneath a highway bridge.

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It’s now roughly 8pm and time for din dins. We set off to Mister French, a bar and lounge perfectly situated on the waterfront at Skeppsbrokajen, a quay in central Stockholm. The menu focuses on French brasserie cuisine with the emphasis on charred grilled meat, fish and shellfish. Perched on our table, which was in fact a grand piano, I tucked into the best Steak Tartar I’ve ever had in my life. If there is one place that you must visit, it’s Mr French as it has a bit of everything for everone – Superb food, beautiful décor, killer cocktails and the best DJs in town.

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The rest of the evening we visited some of Stockholm’s hotspots including F12 Terrassen and Moon Motels. F12 Terrassen is the outside terrace in front of the historic Royal Academy of Arts building which is only open in the summer months of May – August. Moon Motel is the recently open pop up bar which is like a club within a club and also has access to a large courtyard where you can dance under the stars.

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Sunday is for brunching and if there’s one place that you must dine, that would be at Riche. This bistro consists of a Swedish/French menu and a quirky decor of bold artworks and chandeliers. The perfect place to slowly start your Sunday, with amble of windows for people watching and a pretty damn good Eggs Benedict Royal. We then wrapped up the day with a casual stroll around Strandvägen to Kungliga Djurgården (I don’t know what these names mean but I just had to include them because they amuse me). This is where we stumbled upon the ABBA MUESEUM! If there’s one place on the earth that will cure a hangover, it would be two hours listening to Waterloo, singing in their studio and admiring the colourful costumes. So. Much. Spandex.

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So there you have it… 48 hours of pure binge eating, drinking and ABBA. And I can’t wait to go back.


(Still looking up Alexander Skarsgård on Google images)